membership payment options
annual membership £96.00 GBP
quarterly payment £24.00 GBP
one month pass £40.00 GBP
Membership details

£96 for the first year payable annually (or in quarterly installments of £24 per 3 months)

A month-long pass can be purchased for £40

24/7 access by reservation (see Bookings – we use Skedda)

At this time, members are able to reserve an individual enlarger workstation online at anytime so long as there is space available and no workshops or inductions are taking place. Members are expected to already have basic knowledge of black and white processing. Take a workshop first if you feel you want to learn how to get started!

Membership payments can be made either through

  • Paypal to:  OR
  • BACS payment (please email for details). Sorry, no cash payments are possible.

Membership agreement available here


£10 one-off fee 

All new members are required to attend an hour-long induction to health and safety and basic operating procedures for the darkroom before they use the space.

(Induction fees will be waived for new members who have taken an Introduction workshop)

KEY DEPOSIT £5 (refundable)

Chemistry, paper and film
At this time, members will be responsible to provide their own supplies including film and print chemicals.
The Darkroom will provide a suggested list of chemicals (incl. film and paper) and will have stock available for purchase from Ag Photographic.

Please note that The Inverness Darkroom is being run on a volunteer basis. All of the equipment and furnishings have been very generously donated, and the rent is being generously subsidized by Ag Photographic.  Please be respectful of other members’ / volunteers’ time and effort to make this possible – and, of course, all prices are subject to change.